DSO 582: Service Management

Jan 9Service Management BasicsIntroduction   
Jan 11Service Management BasicsNature of ServicesFour Things to get right, Cleveland Clinic 
Jan 16Service Management BasicsService Process DesignCVS 
Jan 18Service Management BasicsInfluencing Customer BehaviorZipCar
Jan 23Service Management BasicsManaging Customer BehaviorDo you really want to be an eBay? 
Jan 25Managing Demand and ResourcesQueueingLecture 
Jan 30Managing Demand and ResourcesQueueing ContinuedLecture 
Feb 1Managing Demand and ResourcesManaging Customer FlowEdison Maternity 
Feb 6Managing Demand and ResourcesRole of InformationAnnouncing Waiting Times
Feb 8Managing Demand and ResourcesStaffing for ConversionIBM Retail Business 
Feb 13Managing Demand and ResourcesSchedulingArise Virtual Solutions 
Feb 15Managing QualityEmpowering Frontline WorkersService Profit Chain, Au Bon Pain 
Feb 20Managing QualityTenure and ProductivityStore24 
Feb 22Managing QualityService RecoveryStop trying to delight, Mt. Rundle Hotel Banff
Feb 27Managing QualityStatistical Process Control Improving Customer Engagement 
Mar 1Evaluating ProductivityData Envelopment AnalysisLecture 
Mar 6Evaluating ProductivityData Envelopment AnalysisModell’s DEA
Mar 8Midterm ReviewReview  
Mar 20Pricing Theory Introduction to Pricing and Revenue Optimization  
Mar 22Pricing TheoryPricing Game  
Mar 27Pricing TheoryUnderstanding PricingChapters from Phillips' book 
Mar 29Pricing and Revenue OptimizationMarkdown ManagementMarkdown Pricing Game 
Apr 3Pricing and Revenue OptimizationQuantitative demand modelsPersonal Training at NYHC
Apr 5Pricing and Revenue OptimizationConsumer Choice ModelsPersonal Training at NYHC 
Apr 10Pricing and Revenue OptimizationStrategic Customer Interactions 
Apr 12Revenue OptimizationCapacity Control Revenue Management at Harrah’s
Apr 17Revenue OptimizationCapacity Control with Demand UncertaintyCapacity Control Game 
Apr 19End GameCourse Review  
Apr 24End GameProject Presentations I 
Apr 26End GameProject Presentations II