Free to use Educational Game Platform (Instructions)

My colleague Kimon Drakopoulos and I have created a platform with instructor dashboard and student logins for a number of games that can be used in Operations Management courses: Newsvendor game, Retailer game, Pricing game below, and additional games including static and dynamic Capacity Control.
  • Newsvendor Game: This is a basic newsvendor game that runs for 15 weeks. The player stocks inventory at the beginning of each period, and then the weekly demand is realized and sales occur; unsold items are salvaged. In this basic version, the entire weekly demand is observable. For a more challenging game in which only sales are observed, play the Censored demand version.
  • Retailer Game: Play a retailer pricing game with the goal of maximizing revenues for one item over a 15 week selling period. There are no replenishment opportunities so the only decision variable is the weekly price.
  • Pricing Game: Play a pricing game with the goal of maximizing revenues for one item over the first 15 customers. All customers have random willingness to pay with the same (normal) distribution, but you do not know the distribution parameters and you only observe sales.
  • Call Center Game: Balance quality of service with agent staffing in order to minimize overall costs over one day of a call center. The demand forecast, and in particular, the demand trend over the day is available. You can also play a Static version in which the demand rate remains constant over the course of the day.
  • Queue Simulator simulates a single server queue visualizing the sample path. The arrival rate, processing rate, and the variability can be modified.
  • Normal Distribution visualizes the normal distribution.

System Requirements

The games have been tested to work on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari (on regular and mobile devices). If you have any difficulty, make sure Javascript is enabled on your browser, and your browser is current.